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Tokyo 2020

Toine Schoutens assisted over 500 Olympians from 11 countries to peak at their Olympic games. Discover how chronotherapy can be one of your secrets for Olympic success. 

Matthijs Buchli became World Champion twice within a week after he discovered Propeaq. He vows the effect it had on him. It might be that 1% diffrence that you need too.

In 30 minutes you will learn:
- How to improve your sleep
- How does your body work during traveling
- How to beat jet lag
- How to shift your peak performance moment

- What are the experiences with golden medallists?
- What is the real secret?
- 4 do's and 4 don't you can benefit from
- Your personal schedule
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Toine Schoutens (1963) is educated in healthcare. As a consultant, Toine discovered the powerful effects of light on human performance and our biological clock. This made him the pioneer of the use of light for elite athletes. Since 2006, Toine has been supporting Olympic athletes who have to deliver exceptional performances.

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